From time to time I'll share a few foodstuffs that you might not have considered freezing.  Here's today's list:

Leftover pizza slices  - handy to have on hand for lunch when you don't feel like a sandwich, or pop a slice in your children's lunchboxes

butter - as a bake-a-holic I like to keep a packet of butter in the freezer so I'm never too far from a homemade cake!

tomato paste - if I put leftover tomato paste in the fridge it's always forgotten and goes mouldy, so now I keep it in the freezer

ginger - did you know you can freeze ginger?  Simply cut it into chunks and store in a ziplock bag then you can pull out a piece when you need it.  And it's easier to peel and chop/grate the ginger while it's frozen.

leftover wine - I don't know if you have any leftover wine at your place, but if you do then pour it into a ziplock bag and freeze it until you need wine in a recipe

cooked rice - I like to fill the rice cooker to the max then I'll bag up the leftover rice and freeze it for another meal

egg whites - whenever I use egg yolks I keep the white in the freezer and stockpile them until I have enough for a pavlova

Hope that helps.  Post a comment below if you have any questions.