Here is the latest installment in my FREEZER FACTS:

Did you know the following can be frozen?

Curry leaves and kaffir leaves - we rarely need all the curry/kaffir leaves that we buy from the greengrocer.  Store the excess leaves in ziplock bags for your next curry

Meringues - did you know that meringues can be eaten straight from the freezer?  They’re deliciously crunchy and a little bit cool.  Actually, my husband prefers them from the freezer than eating them fresh

Smoked salmon - buy smoked salmon when it’s on sale and freeze for another day

Leftover fried rice - either make your own, or buy from the local Chinese restaurant.  It's great for an easy kids' dinner, or put in their lunchbox with a plastic fork

Lemon/orange/lime juice - if you have too many citrus fruits you can freeze the juice in icecube trays then transfer to a ziplock bag and store in the freezer

Lemon/orange/lime zest - and don't waste the zest, simply grate it and store in small ziplock bags and freeze