It's been a while since I posted one of my little lists.  Here's some more items that can be frozen:

Mangos - buy lots of mangos when they're in season, remove the peel/skin and the stone and freeze the chunks/slices of mango flesh.  You can then add them to smoothies whenever you feel like a mango hit.

Bananas - if you have some bananas that are too ripe but don't have time to cook with them, just freeze them.  They will go black in the freezer and the flesh will be wet when it defrosts, but they're great for making banana cakes, banana bread or smoothies.

Breadcrumbs - whenever you have leftover, stale bread (especially delicious sourdough which is too good to waste) I recommend making breadcrumbs in a food processor.  Then you can bag it up in ziplock bags and store in the freezer for future recipes.  I've used them for a herb and breadcrumb coating on lamb and salmon and it's delicious!

Stewed apples and pears - if you have too many apples or pears you can peel, core and slice them, then stew them in a small amount of water until they're soft.  Allow to cool then freeze in useable-size portions in ziplock bags.  Then you can use them to make apple pie or a crumble.

Milk - did you know that milk can be frozen?  It's a good idea to keep a plastic bottle of milk in the freezer so that you never run out.  Allow plenty of time for it to defrost, give it a good shake, and it'll taste the same as fresh milk.

Bacon - I like to wrap leftover bacon in cling wrap in small amounts (normally 2 rashers) and store them in the freezer.  That way I can have an egg and bacon roll whenever the mood strikes.  I must admit, the mood strikes in the morning after a few too many wines, although I've also been known to eat an egg and bacon roll for dinner when my husband is out at a work function.  So good!