Quiche - tips for freezing

My kitchen smells divine at the moment as I'm making two quiches.  One is for dinner tonight, the other will be frozen for my friend who had a baby on Monday (congratulations, Emma and Richard!).

Do you freeze quiche?  They freeze beautifully and are handy to have in the freezer for lunch, dinner or the lunchbox.

Here are some tips if you need guidance:

  • You must cook the quiche completely, cool it down, then freeze it.  Don't try to freeze an uncooked quiche.  Wrap well in cling wrap or place in a large ziplock bag then freeze.
  • You can freeze them in the quiche/tart tin if you prefer but I normally don't bother.
  • Make sure you place them in safe part of the freezer so they don't get squashed or damaged.
  • When you reheat it, you may need to cover the top with aluminium foil otherwise it may go too brown.
  • Quiche can be reheated from frozen, allow extra cooking time and cover the top with aluminium foil.  Or you can defrost them in the fridge then reheat when required.
  • You can freeze individual slices of quiche.  This will work if your quiche recipe has a firm filling.  Some quiches have a very soggy filling, almost like scrambled eggs, so the slices would be a big mess and not freeze well.
  • Almost any quiche filling is suitable to freeze, though if there are alot of vegetables in the filling then they may get watery when it defrosts.  My quiches normally contain fillings such as ham/sausage, smoked salmon, cooked onion/leek, semi-dried tomatoes, diced roasted capsicum (bell pepper), peas or corn, chopped herbs, or grated cheese.
  • Don't forget that mini quiches are great to freeze for cocktail parties or for lunchboxes.

image source: taste.com.au