Reader questions

Here are some questions that I have received from members of the FROST BITE community.  I thought I'd share in case you have been wondering the same thing.  I'm sure we all spend our days pondering the big questions such as "does bocconcini freeze OK".

Hmmm.  Maybe not.  But here are the answers...

Q: Jen asked if you can freeze coconut milk

A: Yes, you can freeze coconut milk though the texture may be a little different after thawing but it won't matter if you plan to use it in cooking anyway. Give it a good shake/stir after defrosting and it will help with the consistency.

Q: Helen asked if bocconcini cheese can be frozen

A: Yes, you can freeze bocconcini cheese. It's a normal-fat cheese so it should be fine (low-fat cheeses don't freeze too well). You can freeze it in the water/brine or out of the water.

Also, I'd only use it for cooking (eg on pizza) after freezing/defrosting as it might be a little different to fresh bocconcini. But it's still better to freeze it and use on a pizza than waste it.

Q: Sarah asked if you can freeze lemon zest

A: Yes, it freezes well.  Simply zest the lemon and store the zest in a small ziplock bag in the freezer. Don't forget that lots of food items are listed in the Can I freeze it: A to Z guide on the left side of the blog, including lemon/orange/lime zest and juice.

Q: Kellie asked if slices can be frozen (also known as tray bakes in some parts of the world)

A: Yes, slices and brownies freeze well.  There are some recipes in the FROST BITE books but most slices will freeze well, though if they contain gelatin or custard I would avoid freezing them.

Q: Marti asks if you can freeze jam donuts

A: Yes, you can freeze jam donuts, or most donut for that matter.  Stock up when they're on sale at the supermarket then keep in the freezer for a snack or for lunchboxes.