Do you have lots of ham, turkey or roast chicken leftover from your Christmas festivities?

How good does this ham look?  
Photo source: here

Don't forget that they all freeze well, so why not slice up the meat and store it in ziplock bags in the freezer.  Then you can grab a few slices when you need them for sandwiches, quiche, fritatta etc.

Or you could make up a batch of sandwiches with the ham/turkey/chicken, complete with mustard or cranberry sauce if you like.  Wrap the sandwiches individually and freeze.  Then you can grab one and take it to work, school or munching at home.

Even better: why not add some sliced cheese to the ham sandwiches before freezing then you can make them into toasties in a sandwich press after defrosting.  Hmmmm

This turkey looks fab - fresh herbs are the best garnish.
Photo source: here