"I don't get e-books"

Many people are fine with e-books, it doesn't faze them at all.  But I've also discovered that there are plenty of people who are confused by them. Lets have a chat about some common concerns....

I don't know anything about IT 

I don't know much either.  I spend my time at work (as an accountant), writing recipes or being a mum.  I am hardly an IT expert but I've learned to embrace e-books.  

Do you open PDF files? Well, you can open some e-books.

In case you don't know, e-books come in two file formats:
  • ePUB format means that the text is flow-able.  E-books in this format can be opened on a phone/tablet and the text will adapt to the space.  You can turn the tablet on its side and the text flows to fit the screen.  Most novels are in ePUB format because they are mainly text with no/few images.  
  • PDF stands for Portable Document Format.  It means the contents of the file (text, fonts, images etc) is held in a fixed layout.  
I chose to publish FROST BITE as a PDF because a cookbook is heavily reliant on formatting and images.  And I wanted it to look pretty.

What do I do with an e-book?

Once you have opened a PDF book you have a few options:
  • You can save it on your computer in whatever folder you like, just like you would save a Word document or an Excel file
  • If you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac etc) you can save it in iBooks.  Make sure you have the iBooks app on your device (available for free from the App Store)
  • You can print it and save it in a folder in the kitchen. You might even like to bind it (try Officeworks - you can even upload the file and they'll print, bind and send it to you - here's a link for Australia but I'm sure other countries have a similar service)
  • You can upload it to your account in Google Play.  Google Play will let you upload up to 1,000 books (they must be in ePUB or PDF format) and you can access them on any computer anywhere in the world, just by logging into your Google account.

I like printed books

I do too, but there are lots of advantages to e-books.

They can be bought at 2am in your pyjamas and you'll receive it instantly.  They cost a lot less than a printed book because there's no paper, no transport costs, no warehouse costs etc.  You can store hundreds of books on a small device (much easier for taking on holidays than five paperbacks).  And they never go out of print.

I decided to create FROST BITE in PDF format because it can be printed easily, so you've got the best of both worlds.

Another cracker FROST BITE recipe on my mini iPad

If you have any other questions or niggling doubts, just send me an email at frostbitefood@gmail.com and I'll try and find an answer for you.

Susan x