Can I freeze it? A to Z guide

Here is a comprehensive list of ingredients and foods and whether they can be frozen.  I've also linked to recipes where possible to show you examples of how the items can be frozen.

This list will be updated over time but I'll write a blog post to alert you to any new items added to the list.

A   A   A   A   A

Apples - peel, core and dice/slice the fruit then stew them in a little water till soft.  Allow to cool then freeze in usable portions for future apple pies or apple crumbles

Apple crumble - freezes well

Asparagus - see 'Vegetables' below

B   B   B   B   B

Baby purees - most purees freeze well
recipes: see the chapter called "Baby Food" in Frost Bite book

Bacon - uncooked bacon freezes well.  I suggest wrapping 2-3 rashers in cling wrap then freezing it, so you can access a single portion whenever you want it.

Bagel - freezes well.  Slice in half before freezing if you like to eat one half at a time at breakfast (like me!)

Bananas - freeze well and can be used for baking (banana cake, banana muffins etc) or in a fruit smoothie.  I prefer to peel them first then place in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  They can be defrosted for baking or used frozen for the smoothies.  If you freeze them in their skins they will be black and very soggy when you defrost them and peel them.

Banana bread and banana cake - freezes well

Beans (green beans, round beans, yellow beans) - see 'Vegetables' below

Beef - freezes well, raw or cooked
recipe: Taco filling

Biscuits and cookies - freezes well, raw or cooked
recipe: Choc chip Anzac biscuits
recipe: Double chocolate and hazelnut cookies

Bread - bread freezes very well, it's best to freeze it when it's fresh

Breadcrumbs - freeze well.  Make breadcrumbs out of leftover, stale bread (particularly sourdough for really good-tasting breadcrumbs) and store in a ziplock bag in the freezer.

Broccoli - see 'Vegetables' below

Brownies and slices - freeze well
recipe: Mars bar and marshmallow slice
recipe: Brownies with cheesecake ripple

Brussels Sprouts - see 'Vegetables' below

Burger patties - freeze well, raw or cooked

Butter - freezes well.  It's handy to have spare butter in the freezer for those who like to bake

C   C   C   C   C

Cakes - most cakes freeze well
recipe: see the "Snack" chapter in the Frost Bite book for cake recipes

Canapes and finger food - alot of canapes can be frozen, especially ones that include pastry or are meat-related.  See the chapter in Frost Bite for lots of ideas including Risotto balls, tartlets etc.
recipe: Filo logs with roast capscium, feta and basil

Capsicum (bell pepper) - see 'Vegetables' below

Carrots - raw carrots do NOT freeze well, for cooked carrots see 'Vegetables' below

Carrot cake - freezes well

Casseroles and curries - most freeze well.  Some vegies in the curry might be abit limp after defrosting
recipe: see Chilli con carne, Chicken Stroganoff, or Lamb and apricot tagine in the Frost Bite book

Cauliflower - see 'Vegetables' below

Celeriac - see 'Vegetables' below

Cheese - most cheeses freeze well (cheddar, parmesan, feta, camembert etc).  Note that full-fat cheese freezes better than low-fat.  I have friends with a holiday house and they store cheese in the freezer as they don't live there permanently and don't want the cheese to spoil.  Cottage cheese doesn't freeze well.

Chicken - freezes well, raw or cooked
recipe: Braised chicken with tomatoes, capers and olives
recipe: see the Chicken with coriander peanut pesto, or Soy-glazed chicken skewers in the Frost Bite book

Chutney - freezes well

Citrus fruits (lemon, lime, orange etc) - zest can be frozen (store in small ziplock bags) and juice can be frozen (in icecube trays then transfer to a ziplock bag)

Cookies - freezes well, raw or cooked
recipes: see 'Biscuits' above

Corn (kernels or on the cob) - see 'Vegetables' below

Corn bread and corn fritters - freeze well
recipe: see Cornbread recipe in Frost Bite book

Cottage cheese - does NOT freeze well

Couscous - cooked couscous can be frozen.  It is great for adding to baby food for texture, or you can prepare a couscous salad and freeze it and add any fresh herbs after defrosting.

Croissants - freeze well

Cream - full-fat cream freezes well, low-fat cream does not.  Freeze it in icecube trays or small containers if you only use small amounts at a time.  Stir well when it has defrosted in case it has separated a little

Cream cheese - freezes well, though full-fat dairy freeze better than low-fat dairy

Cream cheese icing/frosting - freezes well

Crepes - freeze well

Cucumber - does NOT freeze well

Cupcakes - freeze well

Curry leaves - freeze well

Custard - does NOT freeze well

D   D   D   D   D

Desserts and puddings - most puddings freeze well
recipe: Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce

Donuts - freeze well

E   E   E   E   E 

Eggs - cooked egg yolks freeze well, cooked egg whites do NOT freeze well (they go rubbery after defrosting)

Egg whites - uncooked egg whites freeze well (I stockpile them until I have enough for a pavlova or meringue)

F   F   F   F   F

Finger buns and sweet pastries - freeze well

Fish - see 'Seafood' below

Fried rice - freezes well

G   G   G   G   G

Gelatine - recipes using gelatine do NOT freeze well

Ginger - fresh ginger can be frozen.  Cut the ginger into chunks and store in a ziplock bag in the freezer, you can then peel it and grate it while frozen.

H   H   H   H   H

Ham - freezes well.  Slice ham before freezing otherwise you'll need to defrost the whole piece of ham.

Herbs - fresh herbs can be frozen, store them in ziplock bags or small containers.  They are suitable for using in a recipe (eg, add to a casserole) but you can't use them as a garnish or in a salad as they'll be soggy and limp after defrosting

Hot cross buns - freeze well (separate them before freezing to make it easier to get one at a time)

I    I    I    I    I

Icing for cakes - most icings freeze well (be careful with decorations on the icing because if they are coloured you may find the colour runs when the cakes are defrosting)

J    J    J    J   J

Jams and chutneys - freeze well

K   K   K   K   K

Kaffir lime leaves - freeze well

L   L   L   L   L

Lamb - freezes well, raw or cooked
recipe: see the Chermoula lamb and couscous recipe in Frost Bite book

Lamingtons - freeze well

Lasagne - freezes well, raw or cooked
recipe: see Eggplant and roasted pumpkin lasagne in Frost Bite book

Leeks - see 'Vegetables' below

Lemons - see 'citrus fruits'

Lettuce - does NOT freeze well

Limes - see 'citrus fruits'

M   M   M   M   M 

Mango - mango flesh can be sliced and frozen.  Great for adding to fruit smoothies

Margarine - freezes well

Marshmallows - store-bought marshmallows generally freeze well.  Homemade marshmallows contain gelatin which doesn't freeze well

Mayonnaise - does NOT freeze well

Meat - leftover cooked chicken, beef, lamb and pork can be sliced and frozen.  Great for sandwiches in the future.

Meat, raw meat in marinade - freezes well but marinades with alot of soy sauce don't freeze well.  Read here for more details: Marinating, Freezing, Barbequing

Meatballs - freezes well, raw or cooked

Meatloaf - freezes well, raw or cooked

Meringues - freeze well.  They can be eaten straight from the freezer
recipe: Mini pavlovas

Milk - freezes well.  Don't freeze milk in glass bottles but plastic bottles are fine.  Give it a good shake after it has defrosted.

Muffins - freeze well
recipe: Banana and choc chip muffins

Mushrooms - Mushrooms can be frozen, either raw or cooked, by following the following steps.

For raw mushrooms: clean the mushrooms and leave whole or chop/slice them.  Toss in some lemon juice (about 1 tablesp per 500g of mushrooms) to prevent discolouring.  Store in ziplock bags or plastic containers and freeze for up to 1 month.  Cook from frozen by adding them to your recipe or cook in a saucepan/frypan.

For cooked mushrooms: fry the mushrooms in some butter and/or oil for a few minutes then allow to cool.  Store in ziplock bags or containers and freezer for up to 3 months.  You can then add the frozen mushrooms to your recipes as required.

N   N   N   N   N

Nachoes - the filling for the naches (beef or bean/vegetable filling) freezes well
recipe: Vegetarian nachoes

O   O   O   O   O 

Onions - see 'Vegetables' below

Oranges - see 'citrus fruits'

P   P   P   P   P

Pancakes and pikelets - freeze well
recipe: Blueberry pancakes in Frost Bite book

Pasta - uncooked filled pasta such as ravioli (store-bought or homemade) freeze well.

Pasta bakes or lasagne - freezes well, uncooked or cooked

Pavlova - freezes well, though small pavlovas are less likely to be broken or crushed in the freezer
recipe: Mini pavlovas

Pears - peel, core and dice/slice the fruit then stew them in a little water till soft.  Allow to cool then freeze in usable portions for future pies or crumbles

Peas - see 'Vegetables' below

Pesto - freezes well.  Freeze in icecube trays then transfer them to a ziplock bag
recipe: Basil pesto

Pizza - freezes well, uncooked or cooked.  Slices of leftover pizza freeze well for lunchboxes.
recipe: Lamb pide
recipe: Roast pumpkin and tomato pizza

Pork - freezes well, raw or cooked

Potatoes, baby - see 'Vegetables' below

Prawns - freeze well, raw or cooked.  

Pumpkin - see 'Vegetables' below

Q   Q   Q   Q   Q 

Quesadillas - freeze well but be careful with the fillings (check 'sandwiches' for freezer-friendly fillings)
recipe: Bean, corn and spinach quesadilla in Frost Bite book

Quiche - freezes well

R    R    R    R   R 

Rice - cooked rice freezes well

Ricotta cheese - freezes quite well though you may find some the watery substance separate a little from the solid substance.  You can stir it into the cheese or pour it off.

Risotto - freezes OK but it's not as nice as freshly made risotto.  Leftover risotto can frozen for a quick dinner in the future if you're not fussed about it being a perfectly cooked risotto.

Risotto balls - freeze well

S    S    S    S    S

Sandwiches - lots of sandwich fillings freeze well.  Read here for lots of ideas: Tips for making and freezing sandwiches

Scones - freeze well
recipe: see the Cheesy scone recipe in Frost Bite book

Seafood - freezes well when raw.  I rarely freeze cooked seafood.
recipe: see Fish with herb crust and roasted capsicum sauce in the Frost Bite book
recipe: see Ginger spiced fish with cosucous in the Frost Bite book

Smoked salmon - freezes well.  Buy up big when it's on sale and keep in the freezer.

Snow Peas (mangetout) and Sugar Snap Peas - see 'Vegetables' below

Soup - most soups freeze well, even creamy soups (given them a good stir when reheating)

Squash - see 'Vegetables' below

Sweet potato (kumera) - see 'Vegetables' below

T   T   T   T  T

Tarts, sweet and savoury - most tarts freeze well.  Tarts with custard fillings may not freeze too well
recipe: Zucchini and cherry tomato tart

Tortillas - freeze well

Tomatoes - raw tomatoes DO NOT freeze well.  Cooked tomatoes such as slow-roasted tomatoes freeze well.

Tomato paste - freezes well

U   U   U   U   U

V   V   V   V   V 

Vegetables - lots of vegetables such as asparagus, beans (green, yellow, flat beans),broccoli, brussel sprouts, capscicums (bell peppers), carrots, cauliflower, celeriac, corn (on the cob or cut corn), leeks, onions, peas, baby potatoes, pumpkin, snow peas (mangetout), sugar snap peas, squash, sweet potatoes (kumera), zucchini (courgettes) and sweet potatoes can be frozen after they have been blanched.  Click here for detailed instructions.

W  W  W  W  W 

Waffles - freeze well

Wine - freezes well and can be used in recipes in the future.  Great to know if you have leftover wine and don't want to waste it.

X   X   X   X   X

Y   Y   Y   Y   Y 

Yoghurt and yoghurt sauces - commercial yoghurts can be frozen as they have a stabiliser added, however homemade yoghurts will separate when thawed as they don't contain a stabliser.  Here's a good link on freezing yoghurt sauces.

Z   Z   Z   Z   Z      

Zucchini (courgette) - see 'Vegetable' above

Zucchini slice - freezes well