E-book FAQ

Q and A time...

Do you have a question?  Hopefully you'll find the answer below.

What is the file size of the book?
The book extract is 0.9MB and the complete book is 2.9MB.

What is the file format of the book?
The file is a pdf so it can be opened on any device.

Can I share the book with my friends?
Technology can't stop you sharing the pdf file but I ask that you refrain from sharing.  A cookbook is the product of an enormous amount of work - creating recipes, cooking, styling and photography, formatting, editing, publishing and promotion.

Please respect the huge amount of time that I have devoted to this project and buy a copy for anyone who would like to read it.  The book has been priced at US$7.99 so that it is affordable for everyone.

Please note that each download is marked with the downloader's name, email address and a unique transaction ID.

Can I share the book extract with my friends?
Yes, of course!  The book extract is free and anyone can read it.  Share it with gay abandon!

How do I open it in iBooks?
Firstly, make sure you have the iBook app on your tablet/computer/phone (download it for free from the app store).

When you open the file on your Apple phone or tablet you'll see a little icon that looks like a box with an upward arrow.

Click on the icon and you'll get a few options such as "Mail" and "Message" as well as an orange icon that says "Open in iBooks".  Select the orange icon and the book will be stored in your iBooks app on your phone or tablet.

In iBooks your books are shown in two areas: Purchased Books and PDFs.  You'll see the cover image of FROST BITE in the PDF section.

How do I get the pdf onto my iPad?
After you have downloaded the book you will receive an email with another download link.  This is a backup link in case you had trouble downloading it in the first instance.

You can also use this email to open the book on your iPad.  Simply go to your inbox on your iPad, find the email and click on the link. When the book is open you can follow the steps above for saving it in iBooks.

Why would I want to save the book on my phone?  It will be too small to read.
I like to keep the book on my phone so I can look up ingredients when I'm at the supermarket.

And you can read the book on a smartphone, just pinch the screen with your fingers so that the text is enlarged.

Can I read it on my kindle or e-reader?
Yes you can.  Click here for instructions on how to transfer the book from your computer to a Kindle

I downloaded the book but the pictures have a red tinge - help!
When I tested the download on a Mac computer I noticed that the cover and some of the photos were tinted red.  I was a little freaked out but I saved the file on the Mac, then opened it an hour later and it was fine.  I have no idea why this happened but it was alright in the end.

Is it easy to move around the book?
Sure is!  There are lots of links so you can move around the book easily with the click of a mouse, or use your finger on a touchscreen.

Why did you self-publish this book after having three books produced by a publishing house?
I have been sitting on these recipes for a few years while I watched the changes in the publishing industry.  The game has changed thanks to technology and I wanted to jump on the e-book bandwagon and see where it took me.

Why are there only savoury recipes?
I have 80 new recipes to share but to keep the project manageable, and to ensure the file size isn't too crazy, the book has been split into 40 savoury recipes and 40 sweet recipes.  The book of sweet recipes will be available soon.  There are some cracker recipes, just you wait!

I don't want to download the book extract but I'd like to know what recipes are in the book.  Can you tell me?
Sure.  Here's a list of the recipes in the e-book:

Malaysian fish curry
Chicken and chorizo gumbo
Conchiglione with pumpkin and roasted garlic
Rustic bacon, leek and pea quiche
"Schnitzel day"
Salmon, spinach and tomato lasagne
Catalan braised chicken with prunes
Polpettone (braised Italian meatballs)
Chicken Caesar burgers
Eggplant "cannelloni"
Mussaman beef curry with carrots
Mediterranean lamb pizza
Tuna and capsicum risotto cake
Chicken with bacon and thyme
Sausage, ratatouille and feta bake
Ravioli with roasted capsicum pesto
Goulash (it'll warm the cockles of your heart)
Chilli con pollo pie
Salmon with lemon parmesan crust
Lamb, rosemary and kumera pot pies
Baked chicken and asparagus risotto
Fettuccine with boscaiola rosa
Samosa pie with mint yoghurt

Potato dauphinois
Spicy chickpeas with chorizo
Tomato, capsicum and feta
Spicy eggplant salsa
Braised puy lentils with herbs
Flavoured butters

Zucchini, parmesan and basil soup
Pork and veal sausage rolls
Zucchini, ham and corn squares
Tuscan soup with bacon and rosemary
Corn, feta and chive muffins
Pork meatballs with hoisin
Indian‐spiced pumpkin soup
Chicken and corn fritters
Barbequed sausages

If you have any other questions please feel free to drop me a line at frostbitefood@gmail.com