The FROST BITE e-book

Following three published paper books, Susan is thrilled to announce a new book of recipes is available for download.

FROST BITE: Make-ahead Recipes to Eliminate Mayhem at Mealtime contains 40 fabulous recipes for mealtimes and snacks.  Each recipe includes a mouth-watering photograph and lots of tips to make mealtimes easier.

It is available as a printable e-book so you can print it, read it on a tablet or your computer.


Click here for a free 18-page book extract.  You'll get a pop-up window: just click 'checkout' and you'll be asked to enter your name and email address then it's all yours.

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If you'd like to purchase the complete book just click the button below.  This version contains 40 recipes, all with colour photographs, for US$7.99. PalPal and credit cards are accepted.

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What happens next:
  • After you click the 'Add to Cart' button you'll see a pop-up screen - if you have a discount code please enter it here.  Otherwise just click "Checkout with PalPal" (it should say "and credit card too" but it doesn't.  Very annoying). 
  • You'll then need to enter your payment details via PalPal or credit card
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  • Do as it says and click the orange words and your book will be available
  • You can now save it on your computer in any folder you wish, in the same way you would save any electronic file.  You might like to you save it as an icon on your home screen or you like to print it.
  • You'll also receive an email with the same download link (handy in case the screen crashes while you're downloading the file) and an email from PayPal confirming your payment
  • For tips on how to save in your iBooks or Kindle see the FAQ page

Google Play

The FROST BITE e-book is also available on Google Play.  If you want to keep all your books, music, games etc all in one place you might like to purchase the e-book from Google Play.  Click here or search for "Frost Bite".

If you have any questions please have a look at the e-book FAQ section.

I hope you enjoy your new book!
Susan x