Why freeze?

There are plenty of reasons to freeze:

  • cook a dinner for tonight and have another in the freezer for later
  • prepare your food in small portions for singles and couples, or for teenagers who want a quick meal after footy practice
  • cook up a storm before the arrival of a baby or before surgery
  • prepare some yummy recipes to take on holidays or weekends away
  • cook and freeze a delicious meal for a friend going through a hard time or moving house.  Cooking is love!
  • freeze small portions of baby purees and toddler foods so you don't have to prepare tiny portions each night when your child is screaming in hunger (been there!)
  • prepare sandwiches and lunchbox foods so that packing kids' lunches in the morning is a breeze 
  • make some brunch recipes in advance so you can sleep in before your brunch guests arrive
  • freeze leftover cakes, biscuits, cookies and slices so that you don't overindulge
  • make cookie dough and store in the freezer so you can pop them in the oven when guests drop by unexpectedly
  • prepare fiddly canape recipes in advance so that your cocktail parties are easy and enjoyable, or you can offer something delicious to serve with a glass of wine when you have unexpected guests
  • you may have a glut of fruit or vegetables when they're in season so you can use them in suitable recipes and freeze for another day
  • prepare the main course and/or dessert for a dinner party so that you won't be in a panic by 7pm on Saturday night
  • make and freeze the cake and other treats for your children's birthday party to take the stress out of the day

Even though I like to freeze a lot, I still offer fresh fruit and vegetables to my family every day.  Most evenings I prepare a simple salad or side vegetables to accompany the main dish which was prepared ahead and frozen.

Use your freezer to make life a little bit easier.  You don't need to freeze every meal, just make it work for you and your lifestyle.